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6G Technology – Next Generation of Communication

6g technology
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6G Technology, what is it?

6G, the 6th generation wireless technology is the next step of cellular communication technology. 6G is the successor to the 5G technology. 6G will use much higher frequencies than 5G and will have much lower latency. There is no proper answer to the question of how fast 6G will be. But some experts guess that would be about 1TB per second. These speeds are Just an assumption but can you imagine having that kind of wireless network speed?

There are not many publications about 6G yet, but The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has talked about IMT-2030 in 2019, describing networking in 2030. 6G was mentioned as an upgrade to 5G. you can read more about that here. So, it is too early to say much but there is much more time left for more things to happen.

Why do we need 6G? Is it necessary?

Technology is growing every day. Researchs are conducted to improve advanced technology achievements such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation of everything, and many more. Most of them require the best wireless communication system available. So, wireless communication systems should improve with time constantly.

For example, vehicle manufacturers are working on self-driving vehicles. So, for that system to work optimally and to update constantly, there should be a constant updating good wireless communication system that has low latency and higher speed. That is why the technology world needs a good wireless communication system that constantly updates.

Automation is where the world is currently toward. 6G will be the next step/ level to achieve that goal.

Samsung, who currently working on 6G technology, has stated four megatrends that lead to advancement toward 6G.

01. Connected Machines

It is estimated that connected devices in 2030 will reach up to 500 billion. That is a much more lagger value when compared to the expected world population by 2030. Those devices will take more different forms factors such as VR (virtual reality) capable devices, AR (augmented reality) capable devices, drones, robots, hologram devices, smart devices, and much, much more. All of them required wireless communication. Those devices will grow exponentially. They will become the dominant users of the 6G network.

02. Use of AI for the wireless communication

In recent years, AI Systems have been implemented literally in every field like finance, health, communication, production, and manufacturing. Improvement in wireless communication will be much more helpful to improve performance and reduce expenses.

03. Openness of mobile communications

This will open new doors to mobile communication. This will be a huge improvement to low-latency communication systems and high-performing computing.

04. Increased contribution to achieving social goals

Also solving social issues by implementing a better communication system will be helpful to achieve social goals.

When will we see 6G?

As we know, the world is currently commercializing and implementing 5G. So, it is too early to predict about 6G yet. Also, there are not many resources about 6G yet.

But the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has talked about IMT-2030 in 2019, describing networking in 2030. About 6G technology was mentioned on that occasion. Most of the available resources state that 6G technology can be expected around 2030.

Who is currently researching 6G technology?

Most major communication technology companies have talked about 6G recently.

Samsung says they are currently working on developing the 6G technology. They have released a white paper on their vision of 6G. You can read it here. They have stated in there that 6G technology will be ready by 2030.

Also, reports say that LG Electronics has signed a deal with the South Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, and the South Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology to develop the next generation of wireless technology.

Also, Huawei has stated that its Ottawa Research & Development Center has begun the early stages of researching In 6G technology.

Also, there are some sources state that tech companies like Nokia, are currently working on researching 6G technology.

Final conclusion

It is still too early to say much about 6G technology. Still, 5G technology is in the early stages of its commercialization. So, moving into 6G will be a big step in the way. So, we have to wait to see what happens. According to research news, it will be taking at least ten years to see the commercialization of 6G technology. One thing is sure. The evolution of communication technology won’t stop and definitely, and there will be the next generation.

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